Friday, June 18, 2010

Web videos are effective marketing tools for brands

According to the experts at DoubleClick (a division of Google) and Dynamic Logic's MarketNorms "Rich media with video (web video) excels at meeting branding goals as compared to other formats such as 'Simple' Flash, .JPG/GIF, and rich media without video . For aided brand awareness, brand favorability, online ad awareness and purchase intent, use rich media with video because it will serve you best." It will also give you a combined 8% advantage over your competitors.

Using web videos gives your potential clients and customers a real visual taste of what they will experience at your property, destination, amenities, yachts etc. and/or by using your service.

Additionally, not only can web videos be used on your business website, they can also be posted to social media websites like YouTube, Facebook, Google Video, and Twitter for viral purposes and maximizing further marketing reach. Many companies are riding this wave of the marketing and public relations future.